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American Eagle® Surplus Drawer Systems and Air Compressors (Garner, Iowa)

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891651Lightweight Aluminum Drawer System: 25.6"H x 38"W x 18.75"D with 2-3", 2-5", and 1-7" Drawers. 1/2" Risers Only and Low Profile Shelf. -$950
359674Heavy Duty Steel Drawer System: 30.6"H x 20"W x 16.75"D with 7-3" and 1-5" Drawers. 2.5"H Risers and Standard Top Shelf. -$1,500
1008511Lightweight Aluminum Drawer System: 31.5"H x 28"W x 14.75"D with 1-5"(on-top), 6-3", and 1-5" Drawers. 1/2"H Risers Only. Standard Top Shelf. - $1,400
76152U1USED American Eagle 65R hydraulic driven rotary screw compressor produces 65cfm @ 100 psi. Includes rotary air end, air filter, oil filter air/oil separator, pressure switch w/solenoid valve, hydraulic motor, oil cooler, fan, valve block with pressure relief, white steel enclosure with gauge panel, steel base plate. Has 156.7 Hours on it. - $3,500
70734U1USED American Eagle 70P hydraulic driven compressor produces 70 CFM @ 100 PSI. 4 cylinder single stage compressor, direct drive coupling, oil cooler fan, and hydraulic motor. Includes steel base plate, steel enclosure, and bulkhead fittings. Has 5.4 Hours. - $3,300

American Eagle Surplus Lube Systems (Garner, Iowa)

Please contact us at 800-392-3015 for any questions or sales inquiries.
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Surplus Drawer Systems (Various Distributor Locations)

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70625420.3"H x 24"W x 10.75"D, 2-3", 1-5", and 1-7" Drawers. 1/2" Risers.STTS/ 641-423-7107
70320135.7"H x 34"W x 20.75"D, 7-3" and 2-5" Drawers. 2.5" Risers.STTS/ 641-423-7107
59657142.5"H x 28"W x 12.75"D, 7-3", 2-5", and 1-7" Drawers. 2.5"H Risers10769/ 800-382-0873