Rotary Screw Air Compressors by American Eagle

Air on-demand as required.

The more you need, the more air you’ll receive, so there’s no need for a large capacity air reservoir. Precision engineered rotary screw air-end.

100% duty cycle rated for continuous use so you can run the compressor as long as your job requires without overheating concerns. Rotary screw lobes are oil-injected for a compression system without metal-to-metal contact for long life. Automotive type air cleaner for high capacity.

High-capacity oil cooler and fan for long life. Durable and attractive covers are included on all above deck compressors. The covers on the 45R and 65R feature hinged lids for quick access to all maintenance points

30r air compressor

Model 30R
• Single-stage oil injected
• 30 cfm @ 100 psi
• Hyd. req: 12 gpm @ 1750 psi
• Max. pressure: 150 psi
• 24L x 19.75W x 20.75H
• Weight: 175 lbs

30R Specification Brochure
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45r rotary screw compressor

Model 45R
• Single-stage oil injected
• 45 cfm @ 100 psi
• Hyd. req: 10-12 gpm @ 2600 psi
• Max. pressure: 150 psi
• 29″L x 26″H x 22″W
• Weight: 310 lbs

45R/65R Specification Brochure
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65r rotary screw compressor

Model 65R
• Single-stage oil injected
• 65 cfm @ 100 psi
• Hyd. req: 16-20 gpm @ 2750 psi
• Max. pressure: 150 psi
• 29″L x 26″H x 22″W
• Weight: 345 lbs

45R/65R Specification Brochure
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130r rotary screw compressor

Model 130R
• Single-stage oil injected
• 100-150 psi
• 130 cfm @ 150 psi
• 26 gpm @ 2400 psi
• 43.5″L x 31″H x 28″W
• Weight: 325 lbs

vr70 rotary screw compressor

Model VR70
• Single-stage oil injected
• Rotary screw compressor
• 70 cfm @ 150/175 psi


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American Eagle Accessories Group, a division of Stellar Industries, Inc., was created in 2002 after an acquisition of a New Hampshire compressor company. American Eagle has since developed into a leading manufacturer of truck-mounted air compressors, heavy-duty drawer systems, and utility construction trailers. American Eagle Accessories Group continues to expand by recently combining product lines manufactured by Valley Industries. The LubeMate and FuelMate product lines include a full line of lube and fuel service equipment and various other accessories.

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