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  • Dimensions
    Measure the unobstructed, clear opening dimensions of the compartment. Obstructions may include but are not limited to: doors, striker plates, chains weather strip, and any other items that may interfere with the door opening.

  • (Bottom dimension is used when a riser is required)
  • (Notch height and depth are for the notched option only)
  • (Notch height and depth are for the notched option only)
  • (Notched option only)


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American Eagle Accessories Group, a division of Stellar Industries, Inc., was created in 2002 after an acquisition of a New Hampshire compressor company. American Eagle has since developed into a leading manufacturer of truck-mounted air compressors, heavy-duty drawer systems, and utility construction trailers. American Eagle Accessories Group continues to expand by recently combining product lines manufactured by Valley Industries. The LubeMate and FuelMate product lines include a full line of lube and fuel service equipment and various other accessories.

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